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Please e-mail undocu@calpoly.edu or callĀ 805-756-6362 as a first point of contact.
Casey McCullough (
cmmccull@calpoly.edu) is a full-timeĀ CSU STEM AmeriCorps VISTA focused on increasing undocumented student support.

You can follow updates from the Undocumented Student Working Group on Twitter and Facebook.

The Dream Center

The Dream center is located in Science (building 52), room E-11 and open from 8-5 Monday through Friday. Campus Map

UNDOCU Working Group Members

Name Email Department

Nury Baliterrez

nbaltier@calpoly.edu) Student Academic Services
Adrienne Garcia agarc275@calpoly.edu Financial Aid
Erik Garcia egarci91@calpoly.edu POLS, History
Brian Hubain bhubain@calpoly.edu Cross Cultural Centers
Erica Jorgenson ejorgens@calpoly.edu International Center
Jane Lehr jlehr@calpoly.edu Ethnic Studies
Jose Leon jmleon@calpoly.edu Cross Cultural Centers
Natalie Lovgren nelovgre@calpoly.edu Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Kari Mansager kmansage@calpoly.edu Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity
Casey McCullough cmmccull@calpoly.edu SAS/LSAMP
Delfina Medina-Maloney dmedinam@calpoly.edu Financial Aid
Joe Smith jsmit145@calpoly.edu Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies
Mallory Stoffel mlstoffe@calpoly.edu Career Services
Catherine Trujillo ctrujill@calpoly.edu Kennedy Library
Grace Yeh gyeh@calpoly.edu Ethnic Studies

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Contact the Working Group

If you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting, email undocu@calpoly.edu, call 805-756-6362, or stop by the Dream Center (52-E11) anytime from 8-5 M-F. See our Ally List to find allies and working group members in specific departments.